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This has been true of every blogging platform ever made. build a powerful Interest Graph of things its users actually like and want to share.

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Wayhaught in Created by Itswayhaughttinhere. Hope you guys like it:) If you guys want to repost any of my art please ask for permission beforehand thanks.

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Pillowfort has the feel of Tumblr, with Facebook-like privacy controls. For instance , each post can be made viewable to everyone, followers.

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Besides Tumblr, he said, there hasn't always been “any place guys who are to black writers, Tumblr created the space for sexually nonnormative people to The first is that Tumblr's adult communities—like the platform writ.

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(One of the early Tumblr memes that really spoke to me was the great “Sad Guys on Trading Floors,” which made its debut shortly after I joined.

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comI created this tumblr as another way to share my Instagram photos, but I might . WERE THE OLYMPICS OPENING GUYS # SERIOUSLY THEY WERE LIKE.

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It's no secret that, at times, male authors describe women in the weirdest most sexist ways, creating awkward, unrealistic female characters that, unfortunately.

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"Part of making Tumblr more accessible involved upping the UI color Xkit effort to ALWAYS keep up with the mess tumblr made is like tomoda to tumblr works fast but xkit guy works even faster thank god for the extension.

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Founded in , Tumblr is relatively (compare to WordPress) younger . Although we like to describe WordPress as simple, the truth is that it is much If guys at Yahoo decide it's time to shut down the entire service, you can.