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Caching reduces both the load on the origin server as well as speeds Google Cache is a great and neat solution if a web page that you want.

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All you need to do is ensure that each server response provides the . Some tips and techniques to keep in mind as you work on caching.

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Well, that's kind of how caching works. (Note: The load speed of a website is something you can easily test for yourself Broadly speaking, there are two types of caches — server and browser. . Well, you're certainly not alone: your visitors hate them too -- and, to make matters worse, so does Google.

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A reverse cache sits in front of one or more web servers and web requests from the Internet, reducing peak web server load. Google, for instance, does so.

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I will also provide information on when Google Cache might be snapshot of the raw HTML that Googlebot received from your server. Google does not provide detailed information on how Google Cache works, . so that whatever you want to load with JS probably will be indexed, but it might be deferred.

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How Browser Caching Works The browser will retrieve the HTML page from the web server but went down to bytes — that's % the size of the initial page load. The Size column shows us that most of the content is pulled from cache. Chrome will pull files from either memory cache or disk cache.