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everyone knows that wonder guard is an ability that hits pkmn only via its . If the spiritomb somehow managed to get wonderguard, it would be.

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It's absolutely impossible to legally obtain a Wonder Guard Spiritomb. Brawl is not a fighter, party, action, or anything! Its an Acyion game.

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By hacking with Action Replay, then yes. You cannot obtain a Spiritomb with Wonder Gyard legitimately, sorry.

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Wonder Guard (Japanese: ふしぎなまもり Mysterious Protection) is an Ability . Shedinja, Greta's Shedinja was mentioned to have Wonder Guard as its Ability. onto the Dark/Ghost-type Spiritomb ("Wondertomb") and Sableye ("Wondereye"), .

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Dec 24th , ID# Spiritomb With Wonder Guard!!! "WILL REPLACE 1ST MEMBER IN YOUR PARTY" -you will get a level Spiritomb with PokeRus.

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Toxic. Beat Up. Future Sight. Will-O-Wisp. Fire Fang. Fire Fang can bypass Wonder Guard altogether--that's the move he's referring to. Nobody.

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That means you can get it invincible! 1. Teach a Pokémon the Swap Wonder Guard to your Skill Swap Pokémon. 4. Pull out Shedninja and.

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If you were to use Toxic on a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard, it would die in Just get a Pokémon to have substitute, which almost all can.

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Wonder Guard (Japanese: ふしぎなまもり Mysterious Defense) is an of Pokémon that have the Trace ability or Pokémon that use Transform. use Skill Swap on Sableye or Spiritomb, then having a foe send out a Shedinja.

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Even with Spiritomb's nerf in the 6th generation by being weak to fairy type moves, I have managed to pass on wonder guard to Spiritomb, and.