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My first prop for my first major cosplay/costume I made many many years ago. The keyblade prop was made directly after I finished Kingdom Hearts I. I was so enamored with the teaser called "Deep Dive" and had to make the costume of the character "blind Riku". Laid the wooden stake.

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I was asked to do a tut for my keyblades for quite some time, but never really got to do it. I Tutorial: How to do a keyblade (Oblivion).

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This is a Tutorial for two of my keyblades: The Two Across and The Oblivion Keyblade YOU think you can do it?! Follow my Tutorial and show.

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I'm not sure where to post this, so sorry if i'm at the wrong section. But anyway, i'm going to make the keyblade Oblivion and i can't find it's size.

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This is the Oblivion Keyblade In Kingdom Hearts I & II. Watch a video of this keyblade [link] This commission is way better than my first oblivion &. Kingdom.

how to play mini baccarat online free Pumpkin Hearts Oblivion Kingdom Keyblade Metal Replica Sword The pumpkin tassel is made of Aluminum Alloy and is finished with a glossy.

what does pursuing means Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Keyblade Wood Sword: Toys & Games. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Fantasy Metal.