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How to Make Singapore Hor Fun at Home. The Noodles. These are flat, wide and white, rice noodles, wider than the Thai noodles used for Pad.

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The sauce or gravy is very similar to Mui Fan. Feel free to use any kind of meat/seafood or even crack an egg into the gravy! If you prefer a dry stir fried version, check out my Char Kway Teow recipe.

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You can make curry style Singapore Chow Mei Fun Recipe at home in just 20 minutes! Homemade Chinese take out food that's healthier and cheaper!.

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Great for lunch or dinner, this recipe for char hor fun is a delicious dish to make at home.

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Char Hor Fun is an absolutely delicious and comforting dish that personifies the essence of 'Wok Lei'. Wide Rice Noodles, in a delicious Egg.

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Char Hor Fun - Rice Noodles in Egg Gravy -Ingredients: Wide Rice Noodles, Prawns, Eggs, Chicken, Water/Stock, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Pepper, Oil.