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Hi, not sure if it's the right board for this. Anyway, I'm not sure how it happened, but my headphone wire seems to have become completely.

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the reason my earbuds must be bent is because the wire is rather thin, but they look cheap and nasty right now, so how can I straighten them.

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Post a picture of the “headphone wires” you are concerned about and I'll offer expert advice. Failure to post a Are wired and wireless headphones radioactive ?.

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I used a hot iron one time over (ONLY ONCE) to straighten it. It worked. So maybe try a 9 months ago (0 children). Wireless headphones lol.

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Kordl is a little clip that secures the pod and plug ends of your headphones together, to use them, pull them apart from both ends to straighten them out quick. . Bring the futuristic convenience of wireless charging to your car, home or office.

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Hey, I recently put my headphones through the dryer. I tried to reheat them and straighten the plastic out, which worked for like 5 minutes but.

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The headphones should turn around and the cords should be fine maybe 3hours I'm looking for the wireless headphones later.

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Reader Kevin D. sent in a tip claiming you could unkink a really tangled pair of headphones (or any cable, really) by coiling it around a cup of.