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Men can easily put together an interview outfit that is appropriate for the job, fashion magazines to figure out what to wear to your interview.

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You can probably get away with wearing pajamas to your 8 A.M. class, but that won't fly in a job interview. Here's what to wear to a college job.

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Dressing right for the job interview is easier said than done. suit with heels, while men may wear a blazer or suit jacket, button down shirt, suit.

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Figuring out what to wear for your interview can be a challenge. After all, if you want to set yourself up to do your best, you'll want to look your best, too. But if you .

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Should you wear a suit? Does your tie complement your shirt? Are you wearing the proper attire for an interview? There are eight things men must know about.

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There a number of high pressure scenarios in life, and one of them is preparing for an interview. First impressions are everything when it comes.

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How should men dress for an interview? Your appearance should show that you are serious about the job, and that you respect the interviewer.

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Men have it easy when it comes to figuring out what to wear to a job interview, right? Just throw on a suit and tie and you're good to go. Not necessarily. Monster .