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Incoming calls light up the ipad and show a visual notification but no ringing sound. I have tried Reset settings option on my ipad with no luck.

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Only issue I have is that it doesn't "ring" on incoming SKYPE calls. If I see the No problems with outgoing SKYPE calls. I cant get to the Go to your Skype settings, tap on "Notifications" and slide "Sounds" to "On". More Less.

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Calls will still come through, however. Learn more about how to control who you receive calls from. Can I reduce the number of Skype notifications without.

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A bad connection can cause dropped calls, blocky or frozen video, and poor sound. If you are having a bad connection, you may receive a notification saying .

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No sound in Skype? Test your speakers in the same way by clicking the Play button to the right of the Speakers box. You should hear the Skype call sound.

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I can use skype to call out but when someone tries to call me I don't hear Which he is using there are no sound settings that I find and of corse.