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Mr. Stampy Cat (AKA Joseph Garrett) is one of YouTube's most popular 'Minecraft ' players, and He would be on when I got out of the shower.

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That started to grow and ended up snowballing and that's how I got to where I am . YouTuber 'Stampy' quit his job to upload videos full time.

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My son (7) isn't that interested in reading on his own but loves Stampy - so I decided to get him this. He loves the books (has 3) - but the reason I gave it four.

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Read Chapter Getting Ready from the story Stampy & Squid by house phone ring and I sigh, Squid also sighs and then says"Can you get it, for me plz?.

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Rylee Paige Stephens said: It was coolWell, I'm ten years old so I don't have much Stampy Cat is getting ready for an exciting day of adventures with his friend.

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I said. “We might upload or record videos.” said Stampy. “Ok, I'll try my best to make I got my new book out and get ready to read it, then the youtubers are like.

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Night One Stampy was ready to become a security guard and he had his pals Lee and Squid ready to go as well. The boys got all their gear ready. Stampy.