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The ten wholesome and unwholesome acts listed here are from the Ten Unwholesome Actions and Wholesome Action (Buddhism).

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Tan Yee Yong conducted Lecture 3 of BPS course – Buddhist Studies in Mandarin – on the topic of “Ten Wholesome Deeds” ('Dasa.

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This is a very important set of teachings by Lord Buddha which many in The ten unwholesome and wholesome actions are often taught in the.

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Ten wholesome actions: 1. Abstaining from killing living The Complete Book of Buddha's Lists -- Explained. David N. Snyder, Ph.D.,

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Kammapatha, in Buddhism, refers to the ten wholesome and unwholesome courses of action (karma). Among the ten in the two sets, three are bodily, four are.

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Dasa Kusala Kamma and Dasa Akusala Kamma or Ten Wholesome Deeds and Sàleyyaka Sutta discourse, disclosed by Gautama Buddha at Sala village of.