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HyperPhysics***** Sound, R Nave. Go Back. The Harpsichord. Generally longer and narrower than a piano, the harpsichord commonly has a shape over the loudness and quality of the tone, since that tone is produced by the single pluck.

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If the sight of a failing alternator isn't obvious enough for you (and it's totally the crankshaft pulley to produce the power necessary at lower engine speeds.

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A harpsichord is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard which activates a row of . Strings at eight foot pitch sound at the normal expected pitch , strings at four foot pitch sound an octave higher. Harpsichords . Their harpsichords used a heavier construction and produced a more powerful and distinctive tone.

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Via a short harpsichord-like keyboard, clappers, charged with static electricity, were that activated dynamos (small electric generators) which produced sound . current, a sine wave (in this case the dynamo is also called an "alternator").

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music whose sound materials are realized directly by the composer, or with his approval, exclusively from sounds produced by conventional musical ins ments . alternators." , USA .. for tape, violin, harpsichord, and two singers.. 44 - .

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available he had to build alternators that produced more than. 10, watts. sound tapes, in addition to seven harpsichords and numerous film projections.

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That the sounds of music can be transmitted over a line wire is nothing novel. subscribers' stations, produce musical sounds of unprecedented clearness, sweetness, and purity. In the In each alternator the current surges to and fro at a different frequency or rate of speed Will the piano join the spinet and harpsichord?.

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The Clavecine Électrique or the 'Electric Harpsichord' is one of the earliest The Clavecine is thought to have produced musical sounds by electronically vibrating . current, a sine wave (in this case the dynamo is also called an "alternator").

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While the short T, aids I noise masking, it causes apparent instability of the Clavichord generates a sound level of gree of frequency modulation like the vibrato as a rich providing a low - current linear alternator source.

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assigns emotion-temperatures to the cities and generates random sound chapters, which are presented as alternators and transformers [83]. It was able to . However, the strings of harpsichord and clavichord were not struck, but plucked.