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Tip: If you want to check/uncheck a whole album, select the album in browser and command-click any track - voila the entire album is.

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I restarted iTunes and got a notice saying "all your songs are unchecked. Unchecked songs even though I didn't uncheck anything. Did I.

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Why would this even be an option if you ripped your own music to iTunes The check/uncheck selection options simply check or uncheck each.

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There is music I have unchecked in iTunes that I do not want to play (such as duplicates, For both the iPhone and iPad, under Music, Sync Music is checked as well as But when doing so, uncheck the "Sync Music" box: User uploaded file I shut down the phone and restarted - the music was still there.

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If you can't see the tickboxes, head into your General preferences tab and select " Show list tickboxes" as per the following screenshot.

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Thank you turingtest2. All are previously checked the way you outlined. Still no ability (as before) to check or uncheck songs in playlist.