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A womens dirty sanitary towel. Used by jamaicans to insult someone that has annoyed them. this word is used to insult.

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A jamaican cuss word, claat meaning cloth, is used when meaning, when blood durring menstruation is clogged with such cloth, and is now used as a cuss word .

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#blud clot#blood cloth#bloud clawt#blud cloth#tampon. Get a blood clat mug for your fish Trump. Jamaican patois slang for woman's sanitary towel, used as a derogatory descriptive term.

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Bloodclaat. Thumbs Up 40; Thumbs Down 3. English Translation. Blood Cloth. Definition. Bloodclaat is used as an adjective when cussing.

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Jamaican coarse slang. Expressing annoyance, frustration, surprise, etc. Origin. s. From blood + claat, Jamaican variant of cloth. Pronunciation. bloodclaat.

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Definition of bloodclart in the packingpearls.com dictionary. Information and translations of bloodclart in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on.