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You can use cash value, a High Value Discount (HVD) ticket or—within San Francisco—a Muni "A" Adult Fast Pass to ride BART with your Clipper card. Clipper.

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Clipper is the easiest way to get a discount on your BART fare. Customers paying with any kind of paper ticket have to pay a surcharge (50 cents for adults.

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You can get a % discount on BART rides ($45 for a $48 ticket or $60 for a $64 ticket) when you load BART HVD tickets on an adult Clipper card. Customers .

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Paying Your FareChildren 4 and under ride free but everyone else must have a valid BART ticket or Clipper card. Proof of payment is packingpearls.com find the cost of .

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The Clipper card is a reloadable contactless smart card used for electronic transit fare payment In , Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and County Connection launched a pilot program named Translink (not to be confused with other.

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BART's stated goal in adding a cent surcharge on paper tickets is to encourage riders to switch to Clipper cards, which are easier and.

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Answered: This is not a question, but an alert to SF area visitors that some major changes to BART fares and the CLIPPER Card.

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Clipper® is a reloadable fare payment card that's used to store a Caltrain Monthly The card reader at Caltrain stations reads the Clipper card to see if you have a Cash value may be added immediately at transit agencies, retailers, BART.