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Hypercapnia, or hypercarbia, is when you have too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in your bloodstream. It usually happens as a result of.

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There are many possible causes of hypercapnia, including conditions that result in the production of more carbon dioxide (such as infections or.

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There are other causes of hypercapnia, as well, including some lung diseases. This article discusses the symptoms and causes of hypercapnia.

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Hypercapnia is generally caused by hypoventilation, lung disease, or diminished consciousness. It may also be caused by exposure to.

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The relevant physiology of ventilatory control, mechanisms, causes, and effects of hypercapnia are presented in this topic review.

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Find out the connection between hypercapnia and chronic obstructive When you have COPD, too much oxygen could cause you to lose the.

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Inadequate ventilation is the most common cause of hypercapnia. In mechanically ventilated patients this is typically iatrogenic and the result of inadequate tidal.

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Compr Physiol. Jul;1(3) doi: /cphy.c Causes of and compensations for hypoxemia and hypercapnia. West JB(1).