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Money. Nicaragua has its own currency: the córdoba. The US dollar is also virtually everywhere accepted. Often prices are based on dollars but quoted in.

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The córdoba is the currency of Nicaragua. It is divided into centavos. Contents. 1 History; 2 It was named after the Conquistador Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. On February 15, , the 2nd córdoba was introduced. It was equal to.

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The origins of the history of Nicaraguan córdoba go back to the separation of the Republic of Central America, a time when currencies of different countries (Peru.

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Nacional (FSLN, also known as the Sandinistas) change the constitution and election rules as part of a Mr Alemán is found guilty of corruption and money- laundering and sentenced to 20 .. grouper, tuna, clams and mackerel. Commercial.

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Topped with pork skins, this is a popular dish in Nicaragua known as vigorón. The most common You can usually save money by ordering a Chilean wine over a Californian or European one. Cerveza (beer) Almejas -- Clams. Atún -- Tuna.

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ABSTRACT In the post-Sandinista period, Nicaragua has adjusted to the new terms of a neoliberal economy . clientele discovers a new region to call its own. .. cater to this clientele, who are sought after by guides clam- .. money to spend.