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Airplane mode, aeroplane mode, flight mode, offline mode, or standalone mode is a setting available on smartphones and other portable computers that, when.

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In the U.S., Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations prohibit the use of mobile .. "Jetstar to allow gate-to-gate iPads, Kindles, smartphones".

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yacobchuk/RF What is Airplane Mode? Allow us to explain. Smartphones, cell phones, and most other mobile devices are equipped with a.

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Especially if you don't fly frequently, chances are good that you don't use your smartphone's airplane mode all that often. We all know that we're.

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Airplane mode is a setting on cell phones, smartphones and other mobile communication devices that prevents the device from sending or receiving calls and.

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He continues: "Aircraft electronics are designed and shielded with interference in mind. This should mitigate any ill effects, and to date there are no proven cases.

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Weren't planes supposed to fall out of the sky should some forgetful flier leave tablets, electronic games and so on, so why not smartphones?.

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What happens when you don't put your phone on airplane mode on an Smartphones: What did people do in the bathroom before phones?.