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Breathing is regulated by “homeostatic control”; that is, it strives to maintain stability within the body's internal environment by way of negative feedback.

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The neural circuits underlying central command and muscle afferent control of breathing remain elusive and represent a fertile area for future investigation.

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This remarkable capacity to maintain a consistent internal environment is referred to as homeostasis. The respiratory system -- which comprises the nose, the.

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When you breathe in and out with your lungs throughout the day and night, everything is controlled by a respiratory control center located in your brain stem. and adjust your breathing rate to maintain balance and homeostasis in the body.

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Involuntary respiration is any form of respiratory control that is not under direct, conscious control. Breathing is required to sustain life, so involuntary respiration .

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Homeostatic Control of Breathing Physical activity increases the body's need for energy This causes a greater intake of oxygen, whilst producing more.

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4 Homeostasis and Gas Exchange . By exerting conscious control over our breathing and regulating flow of air across the vocal cords we are able to create.

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Homeostasis is all about getting the right balance and maintaining the Lungs and the respiratory system help by balancing out the gases in.

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Read the latest articles of Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology at packingpearls.com Introduction to Special Issue “Non-homeostatic Control of Respiration”.

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Most respiratory clinicians recognise that the control of breathing is a maintain appropriate homeostasis for the arterial blood gases and hence for oxygen.