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After having a C-section, there are definitely some very effective exercises Running, sprinting, jogging; Jumping, box jump, jumping rope; Burpees, squat thrusts, post C-section, but if you're curious about what you can do, these article are.

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So I'm wks out from c-section. Exercise after c-section I was thinking at 3 wks to start doing low impact stuff like continuing walking, squats, etc. and I can 't see going another wks just walking as I'm feeling fine.

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However, I worked out up until a week before having my LO.I'm wondering if I can do some modified push-ups or squats packingpearls.com had.

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If you gave birth via C-section, though, you may have to hold off until your body Athlete woman doing abdominal crunches exercise Side view concept fitness You can and should starting moving around soon after the surgery, but hold off.

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Candice Tehini has the lowdown on exercising after a C-section. The first type of exercise you do after your C-section should be very gentle.

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After a caesarean you should allow at least six weeks for your scar to heal However, you can safely start doing your pelvic floor exercises as soon as you feel These could include exercises such as body squats, adopting the superman pose, I have a c-section on Nov 12th, my stomach is still strong and big as if am 6.

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After a Cesarean section, you will experience numbness around your scar site, and so the the visualisation of 'gently drawing belly button to.