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When you sacrifice a team member at virmire, do you get their equipment back or is it completely lost? If it is lost do you get it back in a new.

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What should I do to get better equipment at this stage of the game? 1. Do certain sidequests that yield more cash? 2. Raise charm? (It's halfway.

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Wrex and Garrus. They work for everything. Except on harder difficulties in the EndGame level. Just remember to take Kaiden with you to Ilos.

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When you have to choose a character that goes coordinate with the Salarians, should you strip him/her of all good upgrades and equipment.

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You've received word that a salarian reconnaissance team on Virmire has Joker will tell Shepard that he will get the Mako in under Saren's radar. . of goods to sell but it is a good place to unload unnecessary gear before heading out.

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You get two options — to either disable the alarms (thus more fighting for your squad) If Kirrahe survived the events on Virmire, then when Shepard visits the .

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This mission is acquired after leaving the salarian camp on Virmire and beginning the Note: You will lose all the equipment you have equipped on the squad.

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Whoever you let die on Virmire, does all the stuff they have equipped just disappear? I am replaying through and I gave Ashley some of the.