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Gallery: Endangered whooping cranes return to Alabama winter grounds Operation Migration now only tracks the birds from the ground.

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Back from the brink of extinction, some of the still-endangered cranes make their winter home in Alabama.

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Two endangered whooping cranes come in for a landing at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge in Decatur, Alabama. Lee McElvaine, special for.

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The Aransas-Wood Buffalo population (AWBP) of whooping cranes is .. Ongoing wintering ground research efforts .. 7 in Tennessee, 17 in Alabama, 3 in Georgia, 14 in Florida, 4 at unknown locations, 1 not Page

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The Whooping cranes had a record production year in . the previous high of four sets that occurred way back in ,” said Stehn. .. Weather-related delays kept the cranes and ultralights grounded in locations in was Florida (46) , Louisiana (1), South Carolina (3), Alabama (1), Tennessee (4).

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Day 29, October After 13 days grounded by headwinds or rain, the Class of got the Day 49, November They flew 58 miles to Chilton County, AL.